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And we hope that you do too!

Mariusz, our designer has worked his magic on some areas that looked as though they were, as he so delicately put it “designed by developers”… So you’ll see that the whole task work area is cleaner, more intuitive and less cluttered – and much, much more useable.

That’s no offence to our wonderful development team – they are doing a fantastic job of improving the tool thanks to real user feedback and Paul Klipp’s vision. But given that our goal is simply to be the very best tool for Kanban, to that end, we want the product to look great as well as perform flawlessly.

Here at Lunar Logic Polska, we’ve developed a model of agile development that includes our designer working one iteration ahead of the development team to make sure that they have the templates and design elements that they need by the time that they start development of an iteration’s stories. We’ve learned over time that a big design up front is often as useful as a big plan up front. And that means, not necessarily all that useful at all. What we do think is worth mentioning about our approach to our designer’s involvement is that whilst it does tend to decrease over time, we’re very firm in our belief that there needs to be a constant baseline level of design input, even into a mature product, where style guides exist, artifacts are defined, CSS clean and DRY, etc.

Otherwise, however how hard we try, things end up looking like they’ve been “designed by a developer”.

Enjoy the update and thanks to all the team for their great work!