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We’re pleased to report that the latest release of Kanbanery was made on Friday, adding several useful features.

The first was in response to a request from one of the team at Lunar Logic Polska, who wanted to be able to flag a task as “Urgent”. We’re already planning to add tagging of tasks in the future, but decided to include a more generic way of flagging tasks for now, and so we’ve added the ability to use stars:

Indicate importance with the stars

We’ve also started to incorporate more reporting into the tool – in addition to the project activity feed, we now have a Cumulative Flow Diagram, to help track performance. At present, the diagram is generated from a daily snapshot of the project’s state generated daily at midnight CET.

Based on our experience so far of using Kanbanery to manage development of the tool itself (a meta-tool?), we thought it would be helpful to be able to archive completed tasks. So now the board owner will see an “Archive tasks” link in the “Done” column.

The archive link

Archive 'Done' tasks

This moves all tasks in that column from off the board into a separate view of archived tasks. From there, they can be moved back to the board individually or in bulk if required.

Several of our developers like the ability to be able to add sub-tasks to a task – either to break down a User Story into development tasks, or as a reminder of certain recurring tasks that the team have agreed to perform on a project level, for example code reviews.

And don’t worry if you don’t think you need or want to use these new features – another part of the release gives board owners the ability to turn off certain pieces of functionality, under “Project Settings”.